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«Viking» – The Rus are coming!

The Rus are coming to the movie screen! Viking (Викинг) is an action film by director Andrei Kravchuk, based on the historical document Primary Chronicle and the Icelandic sagas. The Primary Chronicle is also called «The Tale of Past Years», which is a history of Kievan Rus’ from 850-1110.

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The chronicle is viewed as an important source in the interpretation of the history of Eastern Slavs, and was compiled by the monk Nestor. There were three editions of the Primary Chronicle, but unfortunately the original itself and some of the earliest copies are lost.

Game of Thrones?

Screen International has Kravchuks movie Russia’s Game of Thrones (sic). The film stars Danila Kozlovsky (Vampire Academy, Hardcore Henry) and Svetlana Khodchenkova (The Wolverine, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy).

A Prince in exile

The movie is set in Rus’, late 10th century. After the death of his father, Svyatoslav I, ruler of Rus’, the young prince Vladimir of Novgorod is forced into exile across the frozen sea to escape his treacherous half-brother Yaropolk (Aleksandr Ustyugov). With three potential heirs to the throne, our hero has his work cut out for him.

His half-brother, who has murdered their other brother Oleg, have conquered the territory of Rus’. The old warrior Sveneld (Maksim Sukhanov) convinces Vladimir to assemble a Varangian army, hoping to reconquer Novgorod from Yaropolk and ultimately face the mighty Byzantine forces. Watch out for big men wielding sharp objects.

The release date in Russia is set to December 22nd 2016.

Take a look at the official trailer with english subtitles:

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